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Grande Biere 2010 (April 23 – 25, Tokyo) [Updated]

March 14, 2010

[Updated-2] Beer List is on another post on this blog.
[Updated] Tickets are on sale at bars and stores on the list below, but the online purchase at the JCBA’s website is already closed.
Also I attached a new flyer below.  It seems there will be at least around 90 beers!

Grande Biere is a beer tasting event  hosted by Japan Craft Beer Association featuring over 60 beers.  JCBA has been hosting beer events in Tokyo (Ebisu), Osaka and Yokohama over years, and started this ” Grande Biere” last year as a new type of beer festival where visitors can enjoy tasting beers at less crowded venue than other beer events.

Here is a brief summary of Grande Biere:

-Midtown Night: April 23rd (Fri) 18:00 – 20:15  (Last admission 17:30)
-Day 1: April 24th (Sat)  13:00 – 17:00   (Last admission 16:00, last call 16:45)
-Day 2: April 25th (Sun)  11:30 – 15:30   (Last admission 14:30, last call 15:15)

*Only about a half number of beers of the main days will be available at Midtown Night.

Place Tokyo Midtown Hall (in Roppongi)

-Advance ticket: 4,100 yen
-Advance ticket with 2,000 yen-worth food voucher : 5,900 yen
-At door: 4.500 yen
-Advance ticket for Midtown Night: 2,700 yen
-At door for Midtown Night: 3,100 yen

*Advance tickets are available at some bars/stores,  and via e-ticket service. (see bar list below)
*Ticket prices include a 60ml tasting glass and unlimited times of beer tasting.
*Food can be purchased by cash.

Official Website
Here (in Japanese. English page may come out later. Link  to the English page)

Advance tickets are available at:

Brewery:  Yo-ho Brewing Tokyo branch office
BarsLa Cachette , PANGAEA , CheersBeer Cafe Barley, COPA in Aoba, COPA in Machida, JHA Bar, CATARATAS, Craftheads, Bar Sal’s, Bar Shugyok, Oktoberfest
Liquor stores: Belgium Beer Japan, Craft Beers

For details to buy tickets at convenience stores and via e-ticket service, see the official website at

Click for the official flyer (pdf)

—From Brews News by Brian Harrell  ( the issue for April-May 2010)———-
Grande Biere at Roppongi Midtown
April 23 (6 – 8 pm), April 24 (1-5 pm) & April 25 (11-3 pm)

Some 60 beers from Japan and abroad will be served in unlimited 50 ml samples during the annual Grand Biere event at Roppongi Midtown. On the opening evening, the event is only two hours long, and tickets are 2,700 yen in advance and 3,100 yen at the door. On the following two days, the event is four hours long and tickets are 4,100 yen in advance and 4,500 yen at the door, with a food option available for 5,900 yen in advance only. The food option includes 2,000 yen worth of food tickets for eats provided by the Dean & Deluca deli organization. For information on getting tickets in advance, go to the event website at You can also get advance tickets at several pubs listed on the site (scroll down).

  1. Chuwy permalink

    This was expected to be a failure last year but it turned out to be a very good festival. Not so many people turned up which was good for us drinkers! Shorter queues and the beer was in very good condition, as opposed to Yokohama , where it has started to deteriorate somewhat.
    I’ll try to go again this year.
    Some strange fancy namby pamby beer styles but the Belgian triple from Atsugi and the Nasu Kogen 8 tailed fox were among the best beers there. The umenishiki pilsner wasn’t bad, either.

  2. Thank you Chuwy for the description! Yes, it was good for us drinkers! There were more chances to talk directly to brewers and importers when they didn’t have long queue for their beers. I think they also enjoyed explaining their beers to us 🙂

  3. theo permalink

    Im thinking about attending with some friends, let me get this right. So you pay the ticket price and they give you a glass, so you dont pay for any beer? Is it all covered in the price?

    • Yes, that’s right! The ticket price covers a tasting glass and any beer you will taste.
      So once you buy a ticket and enter the site, you won’t have to pay for beer any more and you can enjoy tasting them as much as you want until the kegs become empty.
      However, the ticket price does not include food (unless you buy “advance ticket with food voucher”).
      I hope it’s clear for you now! 🙂

  4. theo permalink

    Thanks beerkat, thats the answer I was looking for. Time to go to Poundtown.

  5. My pleasure! I’ll try to add the brewery/beer list later.
    I hope you’ll enjoy the event 🙂

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