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Hibiya Oktoberfest 2010 (May 21 – 30, Tokyo) [Updated]

March 19, 2010

“Hibiya Okboterfest 2010”

Date: May 21 (Fri) – May 30 (Sun)
Mon-Sat: 12:00 – 21:30,  Sun: 11:00 – 21:00  *opens at 17:00 on the 21st
Location: Hibiya Park, Map
Admission: Free 😀
Beer: Imported German Beers  and Japanese (Fujizakura Kogen Brewery) beer
See Beer list on the official page (in Japanese), or  Beer List below
Stage: German band, etc.

Official Page (in Japanese)  

Organized by
: Hibiya Oktoberfest Executive Committee
Supported by: German National Tourist Board, The Bavarian Representative Office in Japan,
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Chiyoda-ward, OMY Area Management Association
Sponsors: Lufthansa, SKY East Asia Ltd.


Fujizakura Kogen Weizen
Fujizakura Kogen Oktoberfest Maerzen (limited beer!)
Fujizakura Kogen Dunkel Weizen (limited beer!)
Fujizakura Kogen Pils
*Fujizakura Kogen Rauch (not on the official website, but was on the menu as of May 22!)

Erdinger Weissbier
Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel
Bitburger Premium Beer
Koewstritzer Schwarzbier

Franziskaner Hefe Weisbier Gold
Spaten Optimator
Spaten Munchner Hell
Spaten Premium Bock
Munchener Weisse
Schwarze Weissbier
Hofbrau Original
Hofbrau Dunkel

  1. Chuwy permalink

    Ujfortunately, the money hungry dicks who organize this have forced out the local beers (no more sankt gallen or yokohama beer).
    Only fujisakura it seems can afford to keep a booth open.
    Prices seem to just go up and up, taking the p*ss out of the good poeple who pay thru the nose for this stuff.
    My recommendation: Stick to the local beers. fujisakura is good and better value than the German stuff (1000yen versus 1500yen!). Queues are shorter too. IOt’s just as authentic as the Erdinger (the budweiser of German beer) and a fair bit nicer, too. The spaaten and franziskaner are good but the prices and long queues aren’t really worth it. I usually get my Fujisakura glass with a pint and refill it up from store bought German booze (500-700yen bottles). you can buy good German beer at Tokyu Shibuya, Tanakaya Mejiro, Isetan Shinjuku and other places. I’ll be bringing some Fujisakura rauch eber. It’s apity they dont offer that one in the festival. This beer fest has become so out of control price wise and security personnel wise that I no longer feel the need to jump in the fountain.
    Gorrrrgeous day for it!

  2. Yes, and speaking of the security, we should be careful not to have our glass taken by someone else. Every year there are some people who pick up empty glasses from our table to collect the deposit (1000 yen for a regular glass, 3000 yen for a mass!).

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