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Sendai German Fest (June 11 – 20) [Updated]

March 19, 2010

Sendai German Fest

Date: June 11 (Fri) – 20 (Sun), in Sendai

Time: Mon-Fri: 16:00 – 21:00,  Sat & Sun: 11:00 – 21:00  *LO : 20:30
Location: Kinshicho Park Map on Official Page (in Japanese)
Admission: Free :D
Beer: Imported German Beers  and Japanese (Fujizakura Kogen, Toono Beer ZUMONA, Iwate Kura Beer, Ginga Kogen) beer
See Beer list on the official page (in Japanese), or  Beer List below
Stage: German band, etc.

*For after party… Dabos is open until the midnight during the period Sendai German Fest is on (closes on Sundays)

Official Page (in Japanese)  

Organized by: Sendai Oktoberfest Executive Committee
See official page for supporters


Fujizakura Kogen Weizen
Fujizakura Kogen Oktoberfest Maerzen (limited beer!)
Fujizakura Kogen Pils

Toono Beer ZUMONA
Toono Beer ZUMONA Weizen
Toono Beer ZUMONA Pilsner
Toono Beer ZUMONA Alt

Iwate Kura Beer
Iwate Kura Beer Wild Yeast Beer
Iwate Kura Beer IPA
Iwate Kura Beer Red Ale
Iwate Kura Beer Weizen
Iwate Kura Beer Oyster Stout

Ginga Kogen Beer
G Koelsch
White Beer (White Ale)
Pale Ale

Erdinger Weissbier
Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel
Bitburger Premium Pils
Koewstritzer Schwarzbier

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