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Craft Beer Festival in Kyoto (May 16) [Updated]

March 23, 2010

Craft Beer Festival in Kyoto (地ビール祭京都)

Date: May 16 (Sun)  11:00 – until the beers finish
Place: Courtyard of Kyoto Sin-Puh Kan (京都新風館)
(South from the Karasuma-Oike junction /京都市中京区烏丸御池交差点南)
Access: Karasuma Oike Station (metro)
Admission: Free.
Beer: 300 yen each (ticket system) , or 500 yen with an original glass.
Food: light snack will be available.

Light snack, original glass, bottled beer, etc. will be available, too.

This is going to be the first serious craft beer event held in Kyoto.  Even if you come across the venue by car, bottled beer will be available.  Aoi-matsuri (葵祭), one of the 3 main festivals in Kyoto, will take place on the day before.  Ideal timing to visit Kyoto for  sight-seeing and for tasting local craft beers.

icon Official blog is here (in Japanese)


Beer lists
[Brewer/Staff of the brewery will come to the event]
Shuzan Kaido Beer (Kyoto)
Minoh Beer (Osaka)
Ginga Kogen Beer (Iwate)
Shimane Beer Beer Hearun (Shimane)
Isekadoya Beer (Mie)
Kumezakura/ Daisen G Beer (Tottori)
Kizakura/ Kyoto Beer (Kyoto)
Kinshachi Beer (Aichi)

[Brewer/staff of the brewery may come to the event]
Fujizakura Kogen Beer (Yamanashi)

[Brewer/staff of the brewery cannot come to the event]
Shiga Kogen Beer (Nagano)
Premium Beer Oni Densetsu (Hokkaido)
North Island Beer (Hokkaido)
Iwate Kura Beer (Iwate)
Swan Lake Beer (Nigata)
Ooya Brasserie (Toyama)
Harvestmoon (Chiba)
SanktGallen (Kanagawa)
Hakusekikan (Gifu)
Kumazawa Shuzo/ Shonan Beer (Kanagawa)
Yokohama Beer (Kanagawa)

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