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Oze No Yukidoke Special at Cat & Cask Tavern (March 27)/updated

March 25, 2010

Updated some additional information that were directly supplied from the owner Wayne (thank you!).
Please note the items with icon icons.

Oze no Yukidoke IPA Special Event at The Cat & Cask Tavern in Kaname-Cho, Tokyo

Date:  March 27 (Sat)

Beer:  3 types of Oze No Yukidoke IPA
(Special hop version, specially brewed for Cat & Cask Tavern)

US pint: 900 yen,  Glass: 600 yen
Ticket for 5 US point: 4,000 yen ( icononly 10 tickets available.)

iconThere will be no table service, only COD at the bar. If possible, they’d
appreciate it if you could bring back your empty glasses.

iconFood:  The food menu will be VERY limited because there are only two, so you can bring your own food, but:
Please share with others who have brought food.  Wayne and his wife will gladly supply
cutlery and tableware. They would ask people using tables to return used
plates, etc, to the bar.

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