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Ohanami Events in the Tokyo area (April 2-5) -[Updated]

March 29, 2010

Couple of picks for Hanami & Beer

Sal’s (saginuma)/ “Beer & Yakitori under Cherry Blossoms!” (Apr 2 & 3)

Date: April 2 (Fri) & 3 (Sat)
Location: next to DeliSta Suehiro
(Address  1-19-5, Kodai, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki-shi   – in front of Saginuma station)
Detail: Suehiro DeliSta
Time (maybe):  In the evening on Friday, around noon to evening on Saturday.
Beer: Fujizakura Hights/ Sakura Bock
Yokohama Brewery/ Apache (amarillo)
Sal’s blog for the original post & beautiful picture of Sakura
Delirium Cafe Ohanami in Hiroo (Apr 3)

Date: April 3 (Sat) 13:00 – 18:00
Location: Arisugawa Park in Hiroo
3,500 yen
Beer: Celis White, Gluhkriek, la Rulles brune (large bottle), Gurden Draak (Magnum), etc.
Food: Delirium Cafe will prepare some, but you can also bring food.
Booking:  Delirium Cafe Tokyo (03-3501-3181)
Original blog post (in Jp)
Pangaea Ohanami (Apr 4)

Date: April 4 (Sun) 12:00 –
Location: Senzoku Ike Park, near a clock tower.  Google Map
-Free beers if you bring some food. (The food doesn’t have to be too much. Just for 1-2 persons will be enough)

Alehouse (Ikebukuro) & OASIS Joint Hanami  (Apr 4)

Date: April 4 (Sun)  13:00
Location南谷端公園 (near JR Itabashi Station)
3,500 yen
Booking: not necessary, but better as the staff would like to have a rough idea how many people will be coming.
“Bar staff are looking forward to drinking with you, which they can’t usually do :)”
Original webpage (in Jp)

Atsugi Beer at Iyama Sakura Matsuri (Apr 3 & 5)

Atsugi beer will be served at a booth on:  April 3 (Sat) & 5 (Mon)
Location: “Atsugi Ihyama Sakura Matsuri”  flyer
near Soba restaurant “Sho Fu An (松風庵)”
Access: 20min by bus from Odakyu Line Atsugi Station.
Beer: Lager, Stout, Abbey Double

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