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All you can drink Iwate Kura Event at Maltan (May 9, Tokyo) [Beer List/Guest Updated]

April 5, 2010

Another all you can drink fun party at Maltan (in Kanda) is coming! with Iwate Kura beers this time  (details will be announced later).

Thank you TimM for the tips!

Date: May 9 (Sun)  16:00 –
Ticket: 3600 yen maybe)  for all you can drink
Guest: Mr. Niwa, the former head brewer of Hakusekikan who recently joined Iwate Kura.
Mr. Sato and Mr. Sato- The owner and headbrewers.
-No food will be served.  You can bring food.
-You will serve beers by yourself.

Beer List
Pale Ale
Wild Yeast beer
Caramel Ale
Oyster Stout
Whiskey Cask (canceled 😦 [Apr15]
Cedar Cask Red Ale
Belgium Pumpkin Ale (added the following 3 )
Caramel Ale
Sansho (Japanese Spice – see comment below) Ale

  1. Always good events here.
    Sunday – danger again! Better not end up in Gunma this time.

  2. Establishing a legend is not a bad thing….. in general.
    Yes, Maltan’s event is always filled with good beers & fun. I can’t wait for the next 🙂

  3. Chuwy permalink

    The Japanese sansho is more like a Japanese spice, rather than a pepper.
    Kind of like a flowery, perfumy all spice.
    Used on the unagi eel dish. Good on the food but strong and perfumy. Not so good in the beer!
    Heck, you guys make up your own minds. So far, only the Japanese drinkers have ‘liked’ the sansho beers that Iwate Kura, Minoh and someone else has brought out.
    Japanese tastes, perhaps?
    Enjoy the vent. I wont be going. Not interesting enough for this drunk idiot!
    The wild yeast ale was nice in the Grande Bier fest. Recommend trying that.

  4. Thanks for the supplementary info on Sasnsho!
    I haven’t tried Iwate kura one, but Minoh one was too spicy.. the one with porter (zakkoku kobo) was good as far as I remember. As the spice is very sharp and distinct, how much /what kind of beer it is used with really matter, in my opinion. Anyway, I should confess that I paired the Sansho porter with eer 😉

    Yes, it might be Japanese tastes. Being a Japanese I can never truly understand other standpoints… it is really interesting to hear your opinion on Sansho beers 🙂

    Thanks always for your support 🙂

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