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St. George’s Day Party at Aldgate (April 21, Tokyo)

April 19, 2010

Updated (Apr 15) : Special beers to be on tap

St. George’s Party at Aldgate on Wednesday April 21st
englandflag Thank you John for the event details!

Date: April 21 (Wed)

(St Georges day is officially on the 23rd, but they are having the St. Georges day party on Wednesday the 21th as it gets too crowded on Fridays.)
Live music starts from 8:30pm, free food will be served at 9:00pm
[Updated] Special Beers for the Party:

Sankt Gallen St. Georges Day Amber Ale (handpump)

Green Flash Hop Head Red (1100yen US pint!) (yes 1100yen)

I was also told that “We for sure will have one of the Wales beers on by Felinfoel. We have the Stout now possilby next one will be Double
Dragon if the Stout runs out in time.

Free rose pin present

-Live music
-Free food
-Coupon ticket (valid next day) for discount
-Special Beer for the party

For more details, check Aldgate’s page here

It’s also Queen’s Birthday!

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