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Grande Biere Beer List

April 23, 2010

Here is the beer list of this year’s Grande Biere.  Printed version in the much better form with additional information is available at the venue.
I’m sorry in advance for any typos and mistakes, but I’m a bit in hurry…

Beer List:  (brand name)/ (beers)    *brand name does not always match brewery name.

Brouwerij Oud Beersel/ Bersalis , Oude Geuze, Oude Kriek
North Island Beer/ Coriander Black
Yona Yona Ale/ Yona Yona Ale
Okunoto Beer Nihonkai Club/ Pilsner
Hokkaido Beer Pirkawakka/ Pils
Loco Beer/Coconuts Draft
Ashigara Happy Malt/Ashigara Happy Malt, Ashigara Happy Malt Ume Beer
Green Flash Brewing (from the 24th)/ West Coast IPA, Hop Head Red, Double Stout
Sanktgallen/ Golden Ale, Shonan Gold, Pale Ale
Nagisa Beer/ American Wheat, Pale Ale
Kona Beer/ Big Wave Golden Ale, Longboard Island Lager, Fire Rock Pale Ale
Taybeh Beer/ Golden, Dark
Minami Shinshu Beer/ Apple Hop, Porter, Imperial Pale Ale
Iwate Kura Beer/ Golden Ale “KONJIKIDO”, Spontaneous Fermentad Beer, India Pale Ale
Minoh Beer/ Stout, Real Ale Bitter, W-IPA
Daisen G Beer/ Yago, White IPA, Stout
Hakodate Beer/ Boss’s Recommended Beer, Meijikan (Alt)
Taps/ Red Ale, Koelsch
Hitachino Nest Beer/ White Ale, Sorachi Gold, Brooklyn Lager
Umenisiki Beer (from the 24th)/ Aromatic Ale, Weizen
Johana Beer/ Nagomi, Fruity Ale
Brewmaster/ Brewmaster, Kabosu & Honey
Toshi No Megumi (from the 24th)/ Night Jazz, Nashi (Pear) Spark
Tanzawa no Shizuku/ Abbey Triple, Abbey Double, Shiso, Honey
Kobushi-hana Beer (from the 24th)/ Grand Cru, Belgium White
Anchor/ Bock Beer, Christmas Ale, Old Foghorn, Steam Beer, Liberty Ale, Porter
Chimay/ Red, Triple (White), Blue, Draft
Hinano/ Hinano
Ginga Kogen Beer/ White, Weizen Pale Ale
Yokohaa Beer/ Hefe Weizen, Alt, Dragon Splash
Harvestmoon/Schwartz, Maihama Orange, Pale Ale
Fujizakura Heights Beer/ Weizen, Rauch, Chocolate Wheat, Sakura Bock
Kinshachi Beer/ Imperial Stout, Pilsner
Tazawako Beer/ Alt, Koelsch

  1. Chuwy permalink

    Tanzawa no shizuku is atsugi brewing.

    Beers I reccommend are:
    Atsugi Atsugi triple (last year weas good)
    Minami shinshu IPA (maybe, but friends rate it),
    North Island coriander black,
    nihonkai pilsner,
    Fujisakura sakura bock,.
    Tazawako kolsch (best kolsch I’ve had).
    This list this year is very dissapointing.
    I’m happy I only got the Friday ticket.
    I hope the event is a good one. See you there.

  2. Thanks always! I added a note about this beer list (this is with brand name, not with brewery name. but of course it can be quite confusing as most brand names are actually the same as their brand names).

    I do agree with your recommendation!
    Atsugi’s Shiso ale was also nice, and ionteresting if you know the original Shiso flavour.
    Minami Shinshu IPA- I tried it a couple of times and it was always good. Very different and rather modest hop flavour if you expect something aggressive like West Coast IPA, but i think Minami Shinshu’s was a very good beer, too.

    I’m also happy to find my favourite beer Snowfresh as it became harder to find in town than before.

    For those who like fruits taste, it would be a happy and interesting opportunity to try 2 orange beers from the major breweries: Harvestmoon’s Maihama Orange and Sanktgallen’s Shonan Gold.

    And there are other good beers too.. 🙂

    Good thing is that not so many beers are unavailable on the 23th.

    It should be fun anyway 🙂 See you later.

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