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“Complete” Okinawa Beers @ Cheers (May 1- 5, Yokohama)

April 27, 2010

During the Golden Week, Cheers will be serving all kinds of beers currently brewed in Okinawa (12 beers from 4 breweries: 9 draught & 3 bottled)
Yes, the owner loves Okinawa 🙂

Date: May 1 – 5  15:00 –     *Open on May 2nd (Sun) too.
Location: Cheers!
Booking: Not compulsory
Ticket: None.  Just go into the bar as usual and order beers as you like!
Live Music: Okinawa Shamisen Performance on May 4 (Tue)  17:00 and 20:00
Food: Okinawa style food will be on the menu
Stamp Card: Free Orion T-shirt when you complete the stamp card.

nullBeer List (draught, all 9 kegs will open at once on May 1)
1) Ishigaki Jima Ji-beer*/ Yugure Kaigan Beer (red are)
2) Nihede Beer/  Soft (koelsch)
3) Nihede Beer/ Hard (alt)
4) Helios Beer/ Goya Dry
5) Helios Beer/ Lager with yeast
6) Helios Beer/ Pale Ale
7) Helios Beer/ Weizen
8) Helios Beer/ Porter
9) Orion Beer

*Ishigaki Jima Ji-beer has 4 different beers, but can keg 1 beer only.  There will be bottles of other 3 beers.

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