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Bruxellensis 2010 (July 18 & 19, Yokohama) [Details Updated!]

May 5, 2010

This is probably the largest festival in Japan dedicated to Belgian beer.
Belg Aube/ Derilium Cafe,  the largest party in Japan that imports Belgian beer directly from breweries, is going to host the event in cooperation with  Sugaya, a cool liquor store in Tokyo that has been hosting a legendary Belgian Beer event “Horoyoi Kai”.

There will be 50 beers including 18 draught beers  (see beer list below).

Bruxellensis le Festival des Bieres

Date: July 18 (Sun) & 19 (Mon)
Time: 12:00 – 21:30
Location: Minato Mirai Beer Garden (in Tsubasa Studium)
: Minato Mirai Line, Bashamichi (馬車道)station
: 231-0003  5-58-2, Kita Naka Dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawaken (神奈川県横浜市中区北仲通5丁目58-2)
Advance ticket:4,200 yen for 7 beer tickets and Bruxellensis Special Tasing Glass (150ml)
At door: 2,100 yen for 4 beer.  Beer will be served with a plastic cup (150ml)
*some beers will be available only with advance ticket. (see beer list for details)
*Those who have advance ticket can enter a lottery to win original panel, mirror, bottle opener, etc.
Ticket Sales: (click the image below to buy tickets)
-Sugaya (online & at the store)
-Belg Aube (in Roppongi and in Toyoshu), Derilium Cafe Tokyo (in Kasumigaseki), Derilium Cafe Reserve (in Akasaka), Little Derilium (in Shinjuku) at bars & Online
*Online ticket sales will be closed on July 17.

Official Blog (in Japanese):

Beer list are yet to be changed.  Keep checking!
Bruxellensis le Festival des Bieres  Beer List

【Beer on Tap】 (updated on July 18)
Taras Boulba / [De La Senne Brewery, 4.5%]
Stoutrik / [De La Senne Brewery, 4.5%]
Zinnebir / [De La Senne Brewery, 6%]
XX Bitter /  [De Ranke Brewery, 6.5%]
Guldenberg /  [De Ranke Brewery, 8.5%]
Noire Dottignies /  [De Ranke Brewery, 9%]
Rulles Brune /  [La Rulles Brewery, 6.5%]
Rulles Triple /  [La Rulles Brewery, 8.4%]
Rulles Estival /[La Rulles Brewery, 8.4%]
Rulles  Blond/ [La Rulles Brewery, 7.0%]
IV Saison /  [Jandrain-Jandrenouille Brewery, 6.0%]
V Cense /  [Jandrain-Jandrenouille Brewery, 7.0%]
VI Wheat/ [Jandrain-Jandrenouille Brewery]  *on the 18th only
Lindemans Cassis/[Lindemans, 6.5%]  *on the 19th only

Valeir Extra/ [Contreras Brewery]
Brusseles Framboise/[Van Steenberge Bios, 3.5%]
Tournay (Blonde) /  [Cazeau Brewery, 6.0%]
Tournay Noire/[Kazeau Brewery, 6.0%]

Celis White /  [Pierre Celis, 5%]
Gulden Draak /  [Van Steenberge Brewery, 10.5%]
St. Bernardus White /  [St. Bernardus Brewery, 5.5%]
St. Bernardus Abt/[St. Bernardus Brewery, 10.0%]
Delirium Tremens /  [Huyghe Brewery, 8.5%]
Liefmans  [Duvel Moortgat Brewery, 4.2%]
Rodenbach classic/[Rodenbach Brewery, 5.0%] *on the 18th only
Watou’s Wit/ [Van Eecke Brewery, 5.0%]
Chapeau Abricot / [De Troch Brewery, 3.5%]
Ichtegem’s Oud Bruin / [Strubbe Brewery, 5.5%]  *on the 19th only

【Bottled Beer】
Taras Boulba / 330ml [De La Senne Brewery, 4.5%]
Stoutrik / 330ml [De La Senne Brewery, 4.5%]
Zinnebir / 330ml [De La Senne Brewery, 6%]
Zinnebir X’mas/ [De La Senne Brewery, 6.5%]
XX Bitter / 750ml [De Ranke Brewery, 6.5%]
Noire Dottignies/  [De Ranke Brewery, 9%]
Guldenberg / 750ml [De Ranke Brewery, 8.5%]
Piere Noel/ 2009 330ml [De Ranke Brewery, 7.0%]
Piere Noel/ 2009 500ml [De Ranke Brewery, 7.0%]
Piere Noel/ 2009 750ml [De Ranke Brewery, 7.0%]

Rulles Blonde / 750ml [La Rulles Brewery, 7%]
Rulles Triple / 750ml [La Rulles Brewery, 8.4%]
Rulles Brune / 750ml [La Rulles Brewery, 6.5%]
Rulles Cuvée / 750ml [La Rulles Brewery, 7.3%]
De Ranke Kriek / 750ml [De Ranke Brewery, 7%]
Cuvée De Ranke / 750ml [De Ranke Brewery, 7%]
IV Saison /  [Jandrain-Jandrenouille Brewery, 6.0%]

V Cense /  [Jandrain-Jandrenouille Brewery, 7.0%]
3Fonteinen Oud Gueuze / 750ml [3 Fonteinen Brewery, 6.5%]
3Fonteinen Oud Kriek /  750ml [3 Fonteinen Brewery, %]
Cantillon Gueuze / 375ml [Cantillon Brewery, 5%]
Cantillon Kriek / 375ml [Cantillon Brewery, 5%]
Cantillon Framboise / 375ml [Cantillon Brewery, 5%]
Caracole SaxoGold / 750ml [Caracole Brewery, 7.5%]
Saison Dupont / 750ml [Dupont Brewery, 6.5%]
Moinette Blonde / 750ml [Dupont Brewery, 8.5%]
Moinette Brune / 750ml [Dupont Brewery, 8.5%]
Saison Dupont Bio / 750ml [Dupont Brewery, 5.5%]
Moinette Bio / 750ml [Dupont Brewery, 7.5%]
Bons-Voeux / 750ml [Dupont Brewery, 9.5%]
Cervesia / 750ml [Dupont Brewery, 8.0%]
St-Hélène Brune/ 750ml [SainteHélène Brewery, 7.5%]
St-Hélène Blond/ 750ml [SainteHélène Brewery, 7.5%]
Tournay (Blonde) / 750ml [Cazeau Brewery, 6.7%]
Tournay Noire / 750ml [Cazeau Brewery, 7.6%]

Fantom Traditional /  [Fantôme Brewery, 5.0%]
Celis White / 330ml [Pierre Celis,  5%]
Grotten Flemish Ale/ 330ml [Pierre Celis,  6.5%]
St. Bernardus White (Wit) / 330ml [St. Bernardus Brewery, 5.5%]
St. Bernardus Pater6 / 330ml [St. Bernardus Brewery, 6%]
St. Bernardus Prior8 / 330ml [St. Bernardus Brewery, 8%]
St. Bernardus Abt12 /  330ml [St. Bernardus Brewery, 10%]
St. Bernardus Tripel / 330ml [St. Bernardus Brewery, 8%]
St. Bernardus Easter / 750ml [St. Bernardus Brewery,  7%]

Note: The beer list may change until the last day of the event.

Beer for advance ticket holder only:
St-Feuillien Saison (20L only)
Cantillon Cuvée Lou Pepé Framboise/ 750ml [Cantillon Brewery,  5.5%]
Girardin Gueuze BlackLabel  [Girardin Brewery, 5.5%]    *6 bottles only for each day
Boon MariageParfait Kriek /750ml [Boon Brewery]  *10 bottles only for each day
Cantillon Vigneronne/ 750ml [Cantillon Brewery, 5%]  *4 bottles, for Sugaya-ticket only
Cantillon Cuvée Lou Pepe Framboise/ 750ml [Cantillon Brewery, 5.5%] *4 bottles, for Sugaya-ticket only
Lindemans Cuvée René Kriek/ 750ml [Cantillon Brewery, 5.3%]  *12 bottles, on the 18th only
Cantillon Saint Lamvinus/ 750ml [Cantillon Brewery, 5%] *8 bottles, on the 19th only


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