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Beer List for Toyama Beer Fest

June 26, 2010

Beer list for the  Tanabata Beerfest Toyama was finalized.  There will be 61 beers on tap.

Information on the beer festival on this blog: Tanabata Beer Fest Toyama (July 3-4, Toyama)

Johata Beer:
Mugiya Ale, Hakama Ale, Nagomi, Grand Blue, Tropical Pink

Ohya Brasserie:
Echu Fuga, Maria Vail, Arinomi, Echu Daikoku

Nihonkai Club:
Pilsner, Dark Lager, Weizen, Okunoto Densetsu

Fujizakura Kogen Beer:
Pils, Weizen, Rauch, Sakura Bock

Minoh Beer:
Weizen, Stout, Pale Ale,  Seasonal (summer) beer

Echizen Fukui Beer:
Pilsner. Amber Ale Dark Ale

Isekadoya Beer:
Imperial IPA, Smoked Porter, Belgian White, Triple Hop Pale Ale

Hida Takayama Beer:
Pilsner, Karmina, Weizen

Nigata Beer:
Sparkling Mango, Kolsch, Espresso, Papaya

Sankt Gallen:
Shonan Gold, Pineapple Ale, Golden Ale, Amber Ale

Daisen G Beer:
Pale Ale, Weizen, Imperial Stout, Belgian Wheat Bitter

Kinshachi Beer:
Imperial Stout, IPA, German Pilsner

Schwartz, Belgian Wheat, GF Ale, Summer Vacation

Iki Iki Beer:
Shozu Story, Hatomugi Beer, Taiko Ale

Shimane Beer:
Chocolat No. 7, White Ale, Shinjiko Yuhi Beer, Pale Ale

Shiga Kogen Beer:
Shiga Kogen IPA, Wheat Ale, Miyama Blonde, and one more


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