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Beer List for World Cup Final Pre-Party (July 11, Yokohama)

July 7, 2010

The organizer Japan Beer Times shared  the beer list as below:
Please note that the list may change.

Details (in this blog)

1. Pizza Port Oatmeal Stout
2. Titan IPA
3. Baird Suruga IPA
4. Baird 10-year summer ale
5. Nide Ale
6. Nide Lager
7. Rogue American Amber
8. Swan Lake Porter
9. Yokohama Premium Pils
10. Yokohama wrestler series
(still working on the rest, but possibly):
11. Echigo Red Ale
12. Yokohama American pale ale

PLEASE NOTE that the list might change slightly, but not likely. These are the beer makers that will be representing.

Interested parties should contact me as soon as possible!

One Comment
  1. Swan Lake good.
    Suruga good.
    Pizza Port oatmeal not sure.
    The others don’t exactly rock my boat.

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