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BERG 20th Anniversary Week (July 20 – 26, Shinjuku)

July 23, 2010

Basically their menu is already very inexpensive, but some beers (and nice coffee!) are going to be served
from 210 yen a glass.   Food is very good for the price as well.
A little small and not non-smoking, but I think it a good place to pop in for a little while if you are in Shinjuku 🙂

July 20 (Tue):  Original coffee for 200 yen
July 21 (Wed):   Special menu 1 (sandwich)
July 22 (Thu):   Special menu 2 (sandwich)
July 23 (Fri)  :   Original ham (doubled volume) from 7am
July 24 (Sat)  :  Sausage day (doubled volume, special plates etc)
July 25 (Sun) : 20th anniversary beer (by Kiuchi) for 315 yen a glass
July 26 (Mon): Ebisu beer for 210 yen a glass  (to celebrate starting the 21st year)

Location: JR Shinjuku station, Lumine 1F  (East exit)   Map (in jp)
Access: turn left from the JR shiinjuku East exit, passing elevater and toilet on the left,
turn left at the first corner (with a soba shop). Berg is on the right hand side.

Berg is collecting signatures from customers on petition to appeal so that it is not going to be kicked out from the current location.
If interested in, there is a notebook for the petition inside the bar.

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