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Craft Beer Festival in 2010 Akita (Sep 5, Akita)

July 31, 2010

First beer festival in Akita, with 24 brewers from across Japan.

Date: September 5 (Sun)  11:00 – 18:00
Venue: Park Omachi 24
advance ticket for 4 beers: 1000 yen
at door for 4 beers: 1200 yen
Contact: 010-862-1841   (Aqula beer)
Officiel website (in Japanese)

Brewery/Beer List (Prefecture)
AQULA Beer   (Akita)
Tazawako Beer (Akita)
Amasagi Wine (Akita)
Ginga Kogen Beer (Iwate)
Oni Densetsu (Hokkaido)
Swan Lake Beer (Nigata)
Nihonkai Club (Ishikawa)
Ohya Brasserie (Toyama)
Fujizakura Kogen Beer (Yamanashi)
OH!LA!HO! Beer (Nagano)
Shiga Kogen Beer (Nagano)
Harvest Moon Brewery (Chiba)
Shonan Beer (Kanagawa)
Yokohama Brewery (Kanagawa)
Sankt Gallen Brewery (Kanagawa)
Kinshachi Beer (Aichi)
Ise Kadoya Microbrewery (Mie)
Minoh Beer (Osaka)
Hideji Beer (Miyazaki)
Shiroyama Brewery (Kagoshima)

  1. Advance tickets are 1200yen but tickets at the door are 1000yen?
    Its cheaper to buy the tickets at the door?
    That cant be right, can it?
    Looks like a good festival.

  2. oops, thank you. Corrected!
    Yes, it’s nice more and more festivals are going to be held across Japan.
    The one in Hiroshima is on the same day though.. if you are around there on this weekend, try and let me know how it goes!

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