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Sugaya (petit) Horoyoi Kai (Nov 7, Tokyo)

October 27, 2010

The legendary Belgian beer tasting event is coming back as a smaller but cozier version.

Date: Sunday, November 7
Time: 12:00 – 16:00
Venue: Sugaya  (Warehouse 2F)
Ticket: 4,000 yen for all you can drink and food   (limited to 40 people)
Address:  5-2-16 Shiboku-Honcho Miyamae-ku Kawasaki
Booking:  Provide name, number of people, and contact phone number. (English ok)
via Fax (044-856-6726)   or Email (

Beer: about 20 beers  from Belgium, US, Italy and Denmark
Food: Sausage made of local pork, Belgian biscuit “Jules Destrooper”
You can also bring drink and food with you (to share with others!)

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  1. I might try to mkae this. Been to two. I might have been partially responsible for it being cancelled before so I feel bad. I won’t go crazy this time!

  2. Yes, I will try to go there as well. It’s often hard not to go crazy when you are surrounded by great beer and great people though :p

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