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Beer List for Real Ale Festival (Feb 13, 2011, Tokyo)

February 13, 2011

Here is the beer list for Real Ale Festival (my post with details )

I apologize for the last-minute post 😦  I hope this still helps a little!


(Harvest Moon)
Brown Ale
Brown Ale (Real)
Poca Poca Valentine
(Iwate Kura)
Sanriku Oyster Stout
(Ise Kadoya)
Nut Brown Porter
Uramura Oyster Stout (black pepper ver.)
(Echigo Beer)
Echigo Unfiltered Stout (Real)
(Hitachino Nest)
Yuzu Amber
Pale Ale
Imperial Chocolate Stout
(Swan Lake)
Real Porter
(Oh! La! Ho)
Pale Ale
Amber Ale
Winter Session Ale
Wheaty IPA
Pale Ale
Pale Ale (Real)
(Yo-Ho Brewing)
Yona Yona Real Ale
Tokyo Black Real Ale
Indo No Aooni
Seasonal (Belgian dark)
Eikoku Koshu Barleywine 2007
(Matsue Ji-beer Beer Haerun)
Chocolat No.7 2009  (real)
En Musubi Stout (real)
(Preston Ale)
Augus Black Bitter
(Sumidagawa Brewing)
Sumidagawa Brewing Porter
(Loco Beer)
WCIPA (Citora)
WCIPA (Sorachi)
(Kin Chachi Beer)
Maccha Draught
(Hakkaisan Beer)
Hakkaisan Beer Amber Ale
(Atsugi Beer)
Highate Bitter “Five Swindles”
(Shiga Kogen Beer)
Not So Mild Ale
Not So Mild Ale (real)
(Sasgami Beer)
English Pale Ale
(Gotemba Kogen Beer)
St. Valentine’s Porter
(Tama No Megumi)
Pale Ale
(Minami Shinshu Beer)
Minami SHinshu 9098
(Augus Beer)


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