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Re-Fermenting Japan (Apr. 17, 2011, Tokyo)

April 17, 2011

100% charity event.  Admission is free (all you can drink!), but donation is expected as 1) cash at the entrance,  and  2) items for auction (beer goods, t-shirt….etc). All money donated/raised at the auction goes to red cross, because the organizers will bear all the expenses incurred for this event.

I overheard that items for the auction includes very rare bottle (there is only 1 bottle in Japan)  😉

Official website

–from Good Beer Club——————————————–
Charity Beer Event In Aid Of Tohoku Earthquake

Re-Fermenting Japan  
“We Are Craft Brewers”
in cooperation with Good Beer Club

Date:Sun 17 Apr. 2011
Place:Bunkyo kumin Center(4-15-14 Bunkyo-ku Hongo)
Cost:No entrance fee
A collection box is being placed entrance. We would be gratful for your support.
*There will be over 15 kind of locale brewers beer on tap. And you can enjoy 5 or 6 kinds of beer at the same time.
*Please bring own glass  and chopstiks.
They have beer and some snack And you can bring own food,
Note:If you could donate any itmes of beer goods (T-shirt,Bottle of beer,etc), please bring these for Charity Auction at the event.
All money collected from the event such as collections from donation box and charity auction on that day,will be sent to the earthquake-stricken areas through the Japan Red Cross.

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