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Thank you for your visit!

This site is to share some beer information with you so that more people can enjoy beer events together.  That’s all.

Here is a little more to make clear the aim of this site …
-Most information provided here is picked up directly from the event organizer or from official releases.
-Please note that some event details may be changed.
-There may be ambiguous expressions because of my limited ability in English. Please feel free to ask questions via comment or e-mail. Your questions will be great help in avoiding confusions!
-This is a non-profit site and independent of any particular establishment.
-Use of official logos for this site is approved by the rights holders of the logos concerned.

About me

I love craft beers!

Every time I enjoy good craft beers I appreciate all of those involved in the process of bringing the beers to me; from barley farmers to brewers, distributors, retailers and bar staff, and of course my gratitude always goes to my wonderful beer friends.  Cheers! 🙂

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